Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vegetarian Meatballs


1 Can of Chickpeas (Or Pinto Beans)
150 Grams of breadcrumbs (I didn't have any so I used cornmeal; basically, use anything that will make it easy to roll mixture into balls or flat mini patties)
4 Potatoes
1-2 tbsp of vegetal seasoning (anything that gives vegetable taste plus salt)
Green onions (how ever much you like) - Chopped
2-3 eggs

1 Large mixing bowl
1 frying pan

1) Boil the potatoes until they are good enough to mash. To see if they are ready, just stick a fork in and lift potatoe, if it slides quickly, it's good.

2) While the potatoes are boiling, drain chickpeas in a large bowl and mash. Add Vegetal seasoning.

3) Chop green onions and add into bowl.

4) Once potatoes are boiled, add potatoes, eggs to the large bowl mixture and mash until soft.

5) Mix in bread crumbs or corn meal (Note: Corn meal will give it a crunchy taste, bread crumbs not so). 

6) Form into mini balls or patties (your preference)

7). In frying pan, add oil, turn on medium-low heat (I originally had on high, but it burns quickly). Slowly use spoon to transfer the balls onto the pan. You wan to fry on one side until gold brown and then just turn around. I would cover while waiting on each side (this would cook the egg that is in the mixture). 

Oh, and if you burn, don't worry, this recipe is forgiving - just peel off the burnt part and fry gently to resurrect the "meat" ball. 

Enjoy! (and this time I have  picture too !)

Let me know what you think! 

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