Sunday, October 12, 2008

My awesome vegetarian dumplings!!! yummy

Ingredients(for filling):
-tvp simulated beef (can get it from the blueline choices from Loblaws or ask for tvp simulated beef from any other grocery store)
-frozen chopped lemon grass (pretty cheap from Chinese grocery stores)
-maggie sauce
-chopped onions
-chopped green onions
-garlic powder
-1 egg
-dumpling/perogie wraps from Chinese grocery stores
-seaseme oil
Ingredients(for dipping sauce):
-rice vinegar
-water to dilute if too salty
-thinly chopped ginger
-add seaseme oil too if you want extra flavor
-mix and set over night-you can taste the ginger if you do this.

mix all together and let marinate (I recommend overnight as the flavors will be much richer)
-Now, you just take a small spoon and put some of the mixture in the middle of the perogie wrap and fold it like a dumpling( I'll have to upload a video when I videotape myself as it is difficult to explain,but for now, I will attempt to describe in words as if someone were blindfolded)

-How to fold:
Hold the perogie wrap with the filling in the middle.
Dip you finger into the egg white (for gluing the wrap edges) and smear it on one half of the top edge of the circle/wrap.
Take the bottom part of the circle and fold it up to the edge with the egg white and pinch in the middle.
So now you have the back and the front of the perogie. On the layer that is facing you, now that you have pinched the middle, take the layer on one side from the middle and fold it towards the middle and pinch. Then take the corner on the same side and pinch to the middle of the one side.
Do the same for the other side of the perogie.
Once that is done, take the perogie and tap the bottom on a plate with flour (so that they don't stick to the pan later and this also makes the bottom crispy when you cook them)

-To cook
Take a bowl of water and add some flour to mix.
When the perogies are on the frying pan, pour the water mixture on top just enough that half the pergoies are covered.
Cover and cook until the water evorates. It's important to cover because the steam will make the wrap soft. Also, if you have a non stick pan, there is no need for oil, unless you like that type of crispiness that oil gives.

*video will eventually be inserted, but hopefully, this will be clear in the meantime.