Saturday, July 05, 2008

Best Punch Ever!

I went to a house party recently and the hostess' punch was so delicious I had to ask for the recipe:

2L Bottle of Gingerale
Can of Frozen Cranberry Juice
3 Cups of Club Soda
2tbsp Lime Juice
500 mL Raspberry SorbetLime for garnish

Just mix and stir!

Very tasty...

Low Fat Pie

This recipe is very versatile and was given to me by a friend. Here is the e-mail:

1- Drive to your local grocery store
2- Buy the following (PS: you can grow them, if you want): Strawberries(or any other fruits, except Kiwi or Pineapples.... Jell-O won't set) -from locals... and enough to fill the pie to your liking
3- Buy a pre-maid crust... (can use cookie crumbs too)
4- Buy the Jell-O that you want (4 servings package is good for aregular size pie (170g)... you'll even have a little extra).
5- Drive back to household (yours or friends)
6- Wash fruits, cut in pieces and put in crust (try broiling the crustfor 5-10 min. so it'll be crustier... never tried it yet)
7- Make Jell-O
8- Pour Jell-O in the mixture and let it set
9- Enjoy with friends
10- Repeat to your heart's content I'll try one with Bananas and vanilla cream.... mmmmmmmmm....You can use Low sugar Jell-O... when the fruits are very sweet andtasty.

To avoid soggy crust, bake the crust a bit, and then put in the contents...