Friday, August 01, 2008

Jello-marshmello rolls

Okay, my sister made a dessert that looked so cool, but I didn't see her make it( but it tasted so good!) I am only guessing how she made it but I am writing it here for my own reference so that when I do cook it, I can go to my blog.

Take jello, mix it and place the liquid in a pan. Put marshmellows on top and bake until it melts into the jello.

Put the mixture into the refridgerator. When it's done, I think you slice it and then roll it into rolls. Soo tasty!

Jello Mousse

Someone made the most tastiest dessert a few years ago and I just remembered it. I only involves two ingredients: Jello and vanilla icream.

Make a bowl of Jello (or how much the box makes), let it solidify.

Take out the jello and add vanilla icecream (or soya ice cream,etc) and blend.

Put mixture to set again.

This tastes like mousse. (Recommendation: Strawberry Jello -because that's all I've tried so far! I think other combination would work just as well though :P)


Simply Orange (and Cinnamon)

This is a very simple recipe but a unique combination I felt was worth sharing:

Slice oranges, sprinkle cinnamon!

Very tasty, very simple. Enjoy!