Friday, September 29, 2006

Mango Lassi (my way)

Well, this is one of my favorites, which I discovered at a small vegetarian/cult restaurant near my alma mater. They sold this delicious mango lassi (at 4 bucks! argh!) so I decided to make it myself. All you need is :
*mango nectar (get the one from Produce Depot or one that is imported from the Middle east since it's the REAL THICK mango nectar and it's only 1.99 at Produce Depot for 2L (I think)).
*Evaporated milk (regular milk or yogurt will do - there are some salty yogurt drinks in ethnic food stores)

So, just pour a small amount of nectar and milk as you see fit...enjoy!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tortilla Soup

I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant with a friend of mine and she ordered this soup (who's name I can't recall) that had a blend of tomatoes, sour cream, quacomole and tortilla chips. I went home and tried to concoct it using my own ingredients:

*one can of campbells (or no name brand will do) of tomato soup
* one can of milk
*shredded mozzarella cheese
*tortilla chips

*heat the soup as directed
*remove from heat and add cheese, sourcream, guacomole(personally, I would get the rippened guacomole) and tortilla chips...mmm!

Bon appetit!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cocao Balls mmm

I went to a house party a few years ago and ate the most delicious chocolate balls ever! I got the recipe from a friend named Julie and here it is-the real e-mail and everything:

Here's the recipe... You may have to play with it a bit to get the consistency right.
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate squares
1 can condensed milk (my mom usually uses Eagle Brand condensed milk)
3/4 box of honey graham crumbs
icing sugar (enough to cover all the chocolate balls)

1. melt the chocolate squares with 1 tbsp of butter
2. add condensed milk and stir
3. add graham crumbs and mix thoroughly
4. make chocolate balls and coat them in icing sugar

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Veggie Burger!

Okay, the follow recipe is filling tasty and best of all 100% meat less! (Note: this is not vegan as it requires sourcream)

* One can of red kidney beans
* A jar of Salsa (however hot you prefer)
* Bread crumbs (you can buy them as is or just use really dry bread and make your own)
* Sourcream and cheese are optional

*Drain all the liquid from the kidney beans
*Mash the kidney beans until it's a paste
*Add salsa and bread crumbs, mix and shape into patties
*Dip patties in bread crumbs and grill or fry
*Enjoy! with sourcream and cheese (very delicious)

That in a nutshell, is the veggie burger. I remember seeing it on a television show when I was a child and have eaten it since.