Saturday, June 08, 2013

Homemade Quick Horchata

I had this craving for Horchata and they didn't have any in grocery stores near by (only in Restaurants) so I tried to look for a recipe. There were some good ones online but you had to soak grinded rice for 3 hours minimum ( ). I googled some more and discovered that Rice Dream, makes a Horchata drink too (, but sadly, they did not sell then in grocery stores near by...

BUT!!!! I had a Eureka moment and discovered that the same company did make the rice drink, that I would otherwise have to make on my own and soak for 3 hours minimum, so I had the brillant idea of just buying that from the local grocery store and then mixing in the spices :P


Here is the recipe:

Rice Dream Original Rice Milk
Nutmeg (optional)
(the rice milk is already sweet so you don't need to add any sugar-I tried it-not my fav)
Vanilla Extract
Ice cubes

I suggest putting the spices in the bottom of the cup first then mix in the rice milk. It keeps the powder from floating to a minimum.

I have to admit though, this doesn't taste exactly like the one I tasted in the restaurant, but it's not bad for homemade!