Saturday, July 05, 2008

Low Fat Pie

This recipe is very versatile and was given to me by a friend. Here is the e-mail:

1- Drive to your local grocery store
2- Buy the following (PS: you can grow them, if you want): Strawberries(or any other fruits, except Kiwi or Pineapples.... Jell-O won't set) -from locals... and enough to fill the pie to your liking
3- Buy a pre-maid crust... (can use cookie crumbs too)
4- Buy the Jell-O that you want (4 servings package is good for aregular size pie (170g)... you'll even have a little extra).
5- Drive back to household (yours or friends)
6- Wash fruits, cut in pieces and put in crust (try broiling the crustfor 5-10 min. so it'll be crustier... never tried it yet)
7- Make Jell-O
8- Pour Jell-O in the mixture and let it set
9- Enjoy with friends
10- Repeat to your heart's content I'll try one with Bananas and vanilla cream.... mmmmmmmmm....You can use Low sugar Jell-O... when the fruits are very sweet andtasty.

To avoid soggy crust, bake the crust a bit, and then put in the contents...


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